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          • info@nationalbattery58.com
          • (+92) 323.8469526

          Battery Processing

          The National Battery Industries (Pvt) Ltd, was established in 1978 and with its specialized efforts succeeded to produce a standard Car Battery which was introduced in Market in 1980.
          The NBI is the only and very first battery Unit of Pakistan who despite very unfavorable conditions, manufactured Epoxy Sealed Polypropylene Battery just in conformity to any Foreign Standard in 1982, which was much much batter than any Rubber Container Battery being manufactured in Pakistan.
          Similarly, in 1983 NBI also has the opportunity to introduced for the first time in Pakistan Market, Polypropylene Epoxy sealed motorcycle battery and this is the only unit who is now manufacturing all types of heat sealed leak proof motorcycle batteries in Pakistan.

          Since the NBI is very quality conscious, arranged training of its engineering and skilled at Pakistan institute of quality control in 1988 in order to train and improve their professional skill and to utilize the same in the manufacturing process of batteries.

          In 1990 NBI is the very first unit of motorcycle battery manufacturers of Pakistan, installed ultrasonic and heat sealed electrical welding plant in its unit. With the addition of this unit, now 100% leak proof batteries are now produced in Pakistan.

          With the adoption of modern techniques and in recognition of its quality products the NBI has won quality awards of 1995 and golden jubilees award of 1997.

          Our Vision

          To become a world class Battery Manufacturing Company with best quality Output.

          Our Mission

          "To provide our valued customers cost effective and reliable products."


          1. Client satisfaction is our highest priority.
          2. We are professionals and deliver professionalism.
          3. We value innovation, creativity and results.
          4. We recognize and reward unselfish teamwork.
          5. We take challenges as opportunities.
          6. We practice open, honest and responsible communication.